Some fan sensors have become unstable


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First post - have been using HWinfo64 and HWinfoMonitor very successfully since I upgraded about 2 years ago.
A few months ago, I started to notice occasional "glitches" in most of the fan speeds - all 3 chassis fans, but the CPU fan speed is rock solid.
Now, the interesting thing: it appears the fans are monitored off two different chips.

- Chassis 1
- Chassis 2

- Fan2

Chassis 1&2 bounce from zero to normal speed.
Fan2 is stuck at a measured value of 681600 most of the time, briefly dropping to normal occasionally, and then right back up.

So I have watched this slowly get worse over the last few months, and started to wonder if it was time to change out the 3 fans
- they are (were) identical in age/speed/cheapness.

Replaced all 3 today, and now the readings are still flaky - actually worse.

Any ideas what might have changed - other hardware issues?

I tried upgrading from 4.48 of HWINFO64 to 5.34, but no difference.

My system:
ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0
AMD FX-4100
4x 2GB DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 (Asustek variant)
Radeon R7 SSD
Windows 7 SP1

System runs very cool, very quiet, very stable.  No overclocking - everything bone stock.

I'm stumped!

That seems to be some problem during readout of sensor values.
Are you perhaps running HWiNFO with some other monitoring tool (including ASUS) ? That could cause such issues.
No.  Sadly the ASUS tools worked fine (not installed this time) but a huge memory/performance bloat.

On another note:  Since installing the latest version of HWinfo, I rebooted, and suddenly many of my settings/monitors have disappeared entirely, so will be doing a complete uninstall/reinstall late tonight (after work).

Will post back with results.

You might try completely "Reset Preferences" in main settings of HWiNFO, or "Restore Original Order" in sensor settings/layout to see if those values come back.
Good morning,

I don't like necro'ing old posts, but was there ever a resolution to this? I am having an identical issue.

My "Fan2" on ATI PM2 is instantly jumping from 681,600 RPM back to 1408 RPM.

ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0
AMD FX-8320
EVGA GTX 1070 SC Black Edition Gaming (08G-P4-5173)
Windows 10 Pro x64

It's definitely some sort of sensor issue, as the noise level of my machine is not of a plane turbine.

Any help would me hugely appreciated.

Thank you.
Can you please note which exact erratic values are you getting? I will check how to filter that out.
The only outlier value it is reading is 681,600 RPM. My readings vary somewhat in the ~1400 RPM range (a normal behaviour for a sensor haha), then snaps to 681,600 RPM and straight back down to normal ranges at irregular intervals.

I have attached an image below.

Thanks again.



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I have a similar issue, with one of my case fans readings going from 2k to 64k RPM! lol
I noticed if I turn up the fan speed controller up for that fan, even just a little bit, it'll ready a fairly steady ~1130 RPM, doesn't seem to like the low RPM. Yet on another fan it's quite happy to read 940-1000 RPM.

Anyway, I was going to try the beta, but I see it comes with a config file, do I really need to copy that in to?? I really don't want to put all my changes in again, if I can help it. [edit] I've just looked at the the ini file in the beta package & it doesn't seem to be the config file after all, is that right? And it seems all my changes aren't saved in the ini file in the program files folder either, where's it saved?
Would that beta likely fix the issue with my mbrd anyway?
Btw, couldn't find an FAQ to help.
Btw2, awesome monitoring program! :) Even better than the old Motherboard Monitor program which was my previous favourite (Speedfan paled in comparison), if you remember MBM!? ;) (hardly fair to MBM as that stopped in 2004 lol).

Oh, rig spec, Win 10, MSI B450 gaming pro carbon AC (the names now! :rolleyes:), Ryzen 3600, 32GB DDR4 3200, RX 580 grx card, Samsung SSD 970 Evo+ 500GB, + 2 HDDs.
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Only HWiNFO32 comes with a config file and even that won't override your custom sensors settings as those are stored in the registry.
This Beta probably won't filter out the invalid RPMs on your mainboard, I would need to see the exact erratic values reported. If those are just a few or a broader range.
Good to know re config file :).

It's constantly bouncing between 2-64k RPM, although it turns out after watching it, it does occasionally read ~1060 RPM, which is probably the right speed.
The screenshot shows this, & where I've nudged up the speed of that fan up slightly later on it then reads correctly. Ignore the 0, that's where I unplugged it earlier.

HWiNFO64 scrnshot.jpg
What does the BIOS or MSI CC show as fan speed, does it report such erratic fluctuations too?
Well I tried to d/l MSI CC, but it just doesn't seem to be available! It ought to be here, but it isn't! Stupid MSI :rolleyes: Managed to get it from a 3rd party website.
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Lol, I just edited my previous post with that link ;), I thought the Dragon ctr was just for LED control, but I didn't look into it. I'll look more into it......
Well, what absolute junk Dragon ctr is! Apart from the initial dragon ctr d/l not being enough to get it working (need an SDK too), it then hides where it installs itself (you can't open file location from the shortcut), so I've no idea how much space it takes until I uninstall it!
Anyway, despite the fact that MSIs own program for this mbrd doesn't show all the fans! (where HWiNFO does! :)) Luckily the relevant fan is being shown, & the reading is bouncing from ~1900-5500 RPM in roughly the same frequency, so I'll have to check in the bios. Wished I'd just done that in the 1st place!! Going to reboot after I've removed that MSI crap!

[edit]Well the bios is showing similar readings to MSI Dragon, mostly going from ~1900-5500 & occasionally 0 (but curiously neither ever showed 50-60,000 RPM).
So apologises for wasting your time, it seems either my fan's sensor is faulty, or maybe it just wasn't designed to read such low RPM. Strange it's the only fan that suffers that though!
Oh & thank you for your assistance :)
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