Some fan sensors have become unstable


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First post - have been using HWinfo64 and HWinfoMonitor very successfully since I upgraded about 2 years ago.
A few months ago, I started to notice occasional "glitches" in most of the fan speeds - all 3 chassis fans, but the CPU fan speed is rock solid.
Now, the interesting thing: it appears the fans are monitored off two different chips.

- Chassis 1
- Chassis 2

- Fan2

Chassis 1&2 bounce from zero to normal speed.
Fan2 is stuck at a measured value of 681600 most of the time, briefly dropping to normal occasionally, and then right back up.

So I have watched this slowly get worse over the last few months, and started to wonder if it was time to change out the 3 fans
- they are (were) identical in age/speed/cheapness.

Replaced all 3 today, and now the readings are still flaky - actually worse.

Any ideas what might have changed - other hardware issues?

I tried upgrading from 4.48 of HWINFO64 to 5.34, but no difference.

My system:
ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0
AMD FX-4100
4x 2GB DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 (Asustek variant)
Radeon R7 SSD
Windows 7 SP1

System runs very cool, very quiet, very stable.  No overclocking - everything bone stock.

I'm stumped!



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That seems to be some problem during readout of sensor values.
Are you perhaps running HWiNFO with some other monitoring tool (including ASUS) ? That could cause such issues.


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No.  Sadly the ASUS tools worked fine (not installed this time) but a huge memory/performance bloat.

On another note:  Since installing the latest version of HWinfo, I rebooted, and suddenly many of my settings/monitors have disappeared entirely, so will be doing a complete uninstall/reinstall late tonight (after work).

Will post back with results.



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You might try completely "Reset Preferences" in main settings of HWiNFO, or "Restore Original Order" in sensor settings/layout to see if those values come back.