Some Help with random shutdown?


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Hey all, I was wondering if anyone can help me pin-point the cause of some system stability

firstly my system specs :
5900x - currently pbo enabled
Asus dark hero x570
8-pack RIPPED 16gbx2 - d.o.c.p 3600mhz enabled
Seasonic X-Series 850w '80 Plus Gold' Modular Power Supply
G1 980Ti/Custom loop

the issue I have seems to take notions where it wont happen for months and then happen 3 times (so far) in the last day and a half

the issue is my pc will just straight shutdown/turnoff, no freeze, no blue screen, the most recent time it happened was earlier today, I was playing GTA Online, everything seemed fine one minute and then the next my pc was off, I press the power button and my pc will boot fine, I have checked event viewer for WHEA errors on the off chance it was that (I had some back in may when I was trying to use the curve optimizer but ended up abandoning that and leaving PBO as enabled without minor tweaks), only thing I can find in event viewer is the generic kernel-power event 41, but this just says the pc was not shutdown properly after booting back into windows, with nothing showing up as the potential cause before the shutdown.

the same thing happened yesterday, I was trying to play some gta online, pc randomly shut off, took me by surprise because I've been running stable for a while and hadn't made any changes, so I load back up but this time I enabled logging with HWINFO hoping that if it happened again maybe I could see something that was the potential cause, with logging enabled I played a few hours of a CIV 6 MP game with a friend, after that game wrapped up we both jumped on GTA to play around with the new DLC, no issues occurred during any of this, I left the pc on overnight with some software running until today and restarted the pc at some point - I have a CSV file of around 23 hours of logged data for this

today while playing GTA again the pc shut off as it did yesterday, booted back up and started another HWINFO log and returned to GTA, this time the pc did shut off again and I have a CSV file of about 20mins from when the pc booted until the pc shut off, I downloaded generic log viewer to look at the files but if I'm honest I don't really know what I'm looking for, temps of everything while high because of the summer heat atm is not high enough to warrant a shutdown, when comparing the two files side by side I did discover that in the log for the pc crashing I have no recordings for cpu edc (a), cpu ppt (w), cpu ppt limit (%), cpu tdc (a) and cpu tdc limit (%) - I know these are all related to cpu power limits etc ( I had tried altering them in ryzen master a few months ago looking to do some overclocking but with no real benefit they have all been at stock since), in the 23 hour log with no crash these values show up, I'm not sure if this is related to the problem or the data was unrecorded because of the crash.

thanks in advance for helping with this.

edit: unabled to add the HWINFO log files - .CSV is not an allowed extension


Thanks, I zip the log file for the 20min run that resulted in a crash, I cant upload the 2nd log-file for the 23 hours when the system didn't crash - file is too large, I'l run another 20min or so later with some gaming too for comparison
Hi Marcodian,

OK, I had a quick look at your logfile and ... hm ... it could be that you have a "power problem" (?):


Your GPU power has a big range 11.64 V ... 12.24 V, which is still within ATX specification and a Seansonic 850W should have enough power, even GPU is taken 300W (but 11.64 V is low) !
But the "Performance Limit" is most of the time "Yes" (value 0=false, value 1=true)

Regarding the GPU 8-pin voltage dropdown, maybe you have a contact problem within the plugs (corroded?). This could be an explanation why problem is coming "over time" without a change. Unplug and plug in "two times" the 8-pin cables of the GPU on both sides, on power supply and on graphic card (PC switched off!).

Hope this helps ...

Thanks very much for you're input, I will un-plug and reseat the 8pins on the gpu (both sides as suggested twice) and see if it resolves the issue
If problem still exists, do some gaming with "lower graphic settings" to reduce the power consumptions of GPU (and CPU). GPU power should be less 200W, or even better 100-150W. To check if there is a power problem or not ...
Thought I'd post back with an update, I had been keeping an eye on both 8pin pcie input voltages after you mentioned they were dropping quite low, turns out it got even worse, one pcie connector would frequently drop into the 10v range and the other would go as low as 11.1v, well past the tolerances, didn't have any more crashing until yesterday ( but then again I didn't get playing many games until yesterday) after an initial run in gta of about 30mins, my pc crashed - slightly different than last time, both my screens would go blank, but I still had audio, had to reset pc when this happened, next 2 times it took about 15min and 7 min to reoccur, I was recording logs and scanning through I would notice the frequent dropping of voltage to well under 12v, so I decided swap out 1 8pin for a new cable, this way I would be running both 8-pins from 2 different cables instead of just the 1 as I had been doing, this time when monitoring the volatges I still had 1 pcie drop to 10.8v but the 2nd ( the newer cable) didn't, it didn't drop below 12v - drove about in gta for about 5 minutes just to be sure, then I shutdown the pc and changed the 2nd 8pin connector, this time I played gta straight for an hour, 8pin 1 dropped to 11.992v at its lowest and pcie 2 dropped to 11.864 at its lowest, not a single crash yet, so turns out it was a a cable that had gone bad - after unplugging and re-plugging the 8pins before I had ignored that as a possible issue thinking that the cable has been fine with nothing really happening to cause issue, I was expecting it to be a psu issue and have to buy a replacement, thanks for your help in narrowing down what to be looking out for in the logs, has been a big help.