Some questions encountered on AMD REMBRANDT platform testing


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1. run AIDA64+Furmark+HWinfo testing on AMD Rembrandt FP7 CPU, system will auto restart. is it HWiNfo64 tool compatibility issue on AMD Rembrandt platform?
2. does HWiNfo64 tool v7.24 can support AMD REMBRANDT platform testing or not?

Looking forward to your reply, Thank you.
Yes, Rembrandt should be fully supported by HWiNFO and was already validated.
As for the potential compatibility issue, it could be any of those tools causing it. Have you tried to exclude each of them to see which combination is causing this?
removed HWiNfo64 tool combine test, only run AIDA64+Furmark combination over 17hours can not repro issue. so we think it's caused by HWiNfo64 tool.
If any HWiNfo64 settings I can change for troubleshoot?
And only HWiNFO64+Furmark?
You might try to activate the "Snapshot CPU Polling" option.
Try to activate the "Snapshot CPU Polling" option, the test result still failed. could you tell me which version fully support Rembrandt test.