Some sensors are not showing

You have disabled monitoring of them, most probably because you got a warning that these sensors can sometimes cause problems.
If you want to enable them back, then right-click on the sensor heading and choose Enable Monitoring.
Reading the ASUS EC sensor might cause on some systems higher latency (hiccups in some applications).
If you want to run the Corsair Link software along with HWiNFO to read the Corsair H110iGT sensor, you will need to make sure to use the latest Corsair Link version. Otherwise, there can be collisions when both programs access the device.

Just go to the settings of sensors in their context menu (MsRClick) or in the settings of all available sensors (second icon from the right in the form of gears) and turn their monitor (if it is necessary to return the visibility). Once the sensors have to be read. Those who show an obvious nonsense is immediately disable (DEL) and hide (SHIFT-DEL) on the selected sensor - most likely these inputs monitoring chips simply are not connected to the common scheme and show the values interference.