Some sensor's positions randomly changed while reordering


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Hello Martin
I've been an HWinfo user for ages and I love this product. Thank you for your continuous product development and support!
It allows me to create a clean view for sensor data and graph monitoring.
For that, I am using non-fixed sensor order.
The issue is that while I am hiding some useful sensors the position of some other sensors (even group names) sometimes changes.
They can jump to any position or even to the first sensors column.

Below are several examples.

Missed space between sensor sections:
Some sensors jump to bottom:

After moving sensors to 2nd and 3rd columns group name jumps from 2 to 1 column:

This is a final look I am trying to achieve:

This behavior is highly reproducible - push "Restore Original Order" and start hiding some sensors.
I observed issue is less noticeable if I do not hide spaces between sensor groups.

Please find report+DBG files attached.
Also here is a screen for exactly this launch:
1,2,3 - group name misplaced
4 - space between groups missed


  • HWinfo_Report_DBG.7z
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Such issues can happen especially if initially some sensors are not shown in the list (e.g. they don't provide valid values during start). Then, if you change the order and those values become available, HWiNFO doesn't know where exactly to position them, so it puts them at the end of the list. So try first with clean settings (Restore Original Order or full Reset Preferences), wait a while to show any "delayed" values and then try to reorder them.
Thanks for the fast response.
I restored the original order, waited for several minutes, and then make the desired hide+reorder.
This seems to work for me!

It is quite interesting sometimes new sensors appeared at the bottom of the list even after "restore" option.
So I do restore+wait several times for these sensors to appear in a proper position.
Hope this information helps.