Some suggestions about the UI (mainly Tray and RTSS tabs)


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I really like HWiNFO software. It's served me well so I can't complain much about it. I still have a few suggestions as to making the UI less cluttered and easier for beginners.

When you enter the sensor settings, the Custom, RTSS and System Tray tabs just take unnecessary amount of work to go through to pick and customize when all of this could be integrated into sensors the Layout tab, in the form of a few checkboxes/toggle switches for selecting (in essence to turn on customization, to display on System Tray or RTSS for the given sensor) and a button next to it opening a new pop-up menu window so you can configure what you would normally configure under those tabs. This significantly reduces the work required to configure and customize HWiNFO for RTSS and/or System Tray. Truthfully, a right click context menu in the layout tab would be the most efficient solution with checkmarks next to the drop down items that you can toggle on/off by right click and select.

Case in point, as it stands, to display CPU Package Temperature on Tray or RTSS with a custom name such as "CPU Temp", I first need to find the sensor on Custom tray and rename it, then go to the OSD tray, find the sensor again, click "Show value in OSD", customize and configure it. Now, for one sensor, this sounds simple enough and not worth the trouble. But when you do this for 10 sensors, it takes up unnecessary amount of time. Not more than the amount of time that it takes me to type this post but then again, this isn't about my one instance of configuring, this is about repeated reinstalls and potentially concerning hundreds of thousands of users.

Alternatively, in the layout menu (or the main sensors screen if a right click context menu is utilized), if I could just scroll down to find the sensor once, click on it, tick a box saying "Show value in OSD" and click a button right next to it named "RTSS configuration" to launch a pop-up configuration menu to change settings for RTSS and click a button named "Customize" to launch another pop-up menu to rename, change color, change unit etc., it only takes one attempt to find, disable, hide, customize and configure the sensor for RTSS.

The way things stand, you need to repeat the first process 10 times where you have to scroll through dozens of sensors to find the one to disable, hide, customize and configure etc. I know this isn't a dealbreaker for most but a more efficient method would be much appreciated for future builds, especially if the developers decide to overhaul the UI some time in the future.