Some values in HWInfo64 I dont find anywhere explanation for


Hi community!

Those parameters are always markes as YES in Current and Maximum:

1) GT: Fuses limit
2) RING: Max VR Voltage, ICCmax, PL4

When I played long enough GTA5 using a previous version of HWInfo64 (v.6.14-3980), I saw from time to time these marked as YES in Maximum aswell:

3) IA: Package-Level RAPL/PBM PL1
4) IA: Package-Level RAPL/PBM PL2, PL3

The latest drivers and BIOS are installed and the default settings in BIOS loaded. Inside BIOS: Turbo Mode and High Performance are enabled. In Energy Options in Windows 10 I also have High Performance enabled.

In addition I have been trying to read the Data Sheet for 8th generation Intel Core Processors ( but I totally get lost in such a technical language. All I can understand is that probably my PC is trying to modulate the Current and/or voltage in order not exceed certains safety limits.

I just want to know if I am running this PC in the propper way so it has a long life. If you need more Info about the specs or anything let me know!

PS: I algo get a new parameter under i3-8109U: enhanced but it is not always showed in my HWInfo64 Sensor Status: EDRAM. When it is seems to be monitored, it shows a current temperature of 0ºC and maximum of 35ºC. Sometimes it is there when I maximize the window, sometimes not. I am almost 100% sure it was never there with the old version.

EDIT: I shortened the post when I noticed this morning how long my writting was, I apologize.

I´d appreciate any help!

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