SSD uncorrectable error


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Hi, I installed HWinfo64 to check everything, USAGE/TEMP... And I noticed something about my SSD :


I do not understand because everything is ok in the S.M.A.R.T category. Everything is ok on CrystalDisk +Kingston SSD Manager. I have this line only for my ssd.



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The above information is read by HWiNFO via the ATA Device Statistics protocol. Unlike SMART, ATA Statistics is a standardized set.
Most other tools don't support this standard, so they will provide SMART information only.
There are 2 possible situations:
- The SSD drive reports correct ATA Device Statistics information and the drive is experiencing problems, which are however not visible via SMART.
- The firmware of the SSD drive is flawed and doesn't report correct information via Device Statistics.
You might check with some other tool that supports Device Statistics if it reports the same problem, I think smartmontools should.
Otherwise I recommend to consult this with the drive manufacturer.


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This is my manufacturer software, nothing about "ATA Device Statistics information"
smartmontools use the smart technology ? But u talk about ATA Statistics, i don't understand sorry.

this is the same value in my manufacturer software :
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