Starting "Logging Sensor" crash HWiNFO32


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HWiNFO is great! Thanks very much !

On a PLC based on Windows Embeded, HWiNFO32 works well.
But starting the logs (using the "Logging Start" button in the "Sensor Status" window) crashes the HWinfo32 application
(after entering the name of the file, just after clicking on "Save").

For a test, I inhibited all the sensors except "Physical Memory Load", even crash...

So impossible to log sensors on this machine. Please help me!
(see attached files)

thank you.


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If you have seen what the problem is, maybe there is a workaround to get around it ?
(II use Alerts Logging but it is not enough)

If not, when do you plan the next Beta?

Thank you.
There is no workaround possible with current versions. Next Beta version is planned today or tomorrow ;)
The mentioned Beta build has been released: