Steam Deck plugin

Hoping someone can help me figure this out.

This happens on both my Steam Decks just the same. After a day or two, my Hwinfo plugins display locked up and , in my case, show my temps and usage frozen. If I restart Hwinfo, Steam Deck or my computer, it will show the display I've attached. This happens with current and older versions of Hwinfo. The only way to fix it, is by first, uninstalling the plug in, then the software and then going into the root directory of Hwinfo and reinstalling everything. Then rinse and repeat. This was the main reason I purchased this particular Steam Deck. This also hasn't been fixed by a new motherboard or reinstall of windows 11. Those were changed for other reasons.

If anyone has some ideas, please help. I don't seem to see this issue repeated as far as I can tell, so am I doing something wrong?


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We need to figure out if this is due to StreamDeck, its plugin or HWiNFO.
If this happens again, please open the HWiNFO sensors window and check whether it will open and values are refreshing there.
I don't have the Pro version as I wanted to ensure that it would work before I considered purchasing the software. I didn't want to spend money on something that wasn't going to work for me. Do you know if there's a return policy if I purchase it and it still doesn't work properly?
Then I suppose your problem is that HWiNFO deactivates Shared Memory Support after 12-hours (due to the limit in Non-Pro version), which stops exposing sensor data into other applications.
Yes, of course there's a refund policy:
So after getting the PRO version and about 29 hours later, it's still working properly. I'll check back in another 24 hours as that should give me a definitive answer.