[SUGESTION] HWinfo data through network.

Hello everyone.

I'm new here, I've just reached this forum coming from OCN, in order to seek for some information about this.

I discovered HWInfo when moving to custom liquid cooling. Then I started to use not only Aquaero and Aquasuite, but also HWInfo.

I'm using a couple of PCs with custom liquid coolings and their respectives AQ on them, connected in the same network.

Aquaero is a must-to in my rigs. And I've found Aquasuite as a very usefull and adictive data display, most of it coming from HWInfo.

I allways use HWInfo64 as source for software sensors. And also HWInfo64 reads Aquaero data. So it is possible to have an Aquaero temp as "software sensor" in Aquaero vía HWInfo64. As far as I can see, this is pointless in an single PC.

But... is it possible to pass HWInfo64 readings via network?. 

I mean, having some HWInfo reads displayed and available in other network PC's HWInfo. 

With that, I hope it could be possible also passing Aquaero data to other computer in the network (through HWInfo) so you can display in a single Aquasuite's overview page the data from that PC and other network PCs Aquaeros.

Maybe it is useless for most users but, as an addicted to control, I would like to see in a single screen the values of all my watercooled rigs.

Thanks in advance for your patience!
This feature is not available in HWiNFO, but I have it on my list..
You might want to check the HWiNFO Add-ons whether you can find something useful.
Martin said:
This feature is not available in HWiNFO, but I have it on my list..
You might want to check the HWiNFO Add-ons whether you can find something useful.

Thank you very much.

And yes, of course, I'm looking the Add-ons, many of them are really interesting.
After having a first look to the 3rd party extensions and plugins, I've seen a tool that is pointed in a similar direction: Remote Sensor Monitor

I haven't tried it yet. It can be useful to see HWInfo data in a remote computer... But what I was dreaming about is that HWInfo in a remote PC could read, display and use this data. So any other app reading and working in that remote PC with HWInfo data could also use it :rolleyes:

Thank you very very much!
It seems to work really fine.

I'm still learning to use it and trying different configurations, but from what I've seen till now, it doesn't pass the "custom names" of the sensors, does it?. Is not a problem at all, but I just realized that I have some sensors with custom names and in the remote PC they appear with they default names.

I've also realized that I can check the "act as server" box in two PCs and have the data of each one in the other one. It is fantastic. Don't know if it could work also without acting both PCs as servers.

With that configuration set, HWInfo64 process maintains about 4%-5% of CPU usage and peaks of no more than 1Mbps of load in the ethernet. It looks good.

The only issue that I cannot resolve yet is, even with the remote PC's data being showed in the local HWInfo64, 3rd party software "Aquasuite" cannot access it and show in its overview pages. I suppose that this is more an issue of "Aquasuite" itself, so I'm contacting with Aquacomputer to also let them know.

Martin, this looks amazing. Having your PC monitoring data through the network could be the first step to have a huge ammount of possibilities of remote monitoring, as, for example, having an app in your smartphone that reads that data while you're connected in your wi-fi network.

Thank you very much for all this work.
Thanks for your feedback.
You're right, only the original sensor names of remote machines are currently displayed. I'll change this to pass the user-defined names in the next build.

I'm not sure about the problem of Aquasuite, but I think they should be using an interface to HWiNFO, which should allow them to see remote data as well - the remote sensor implementation is universal and allows 3rd party applications to see remote sensors if they are properly using the right interface to HWiNFO.
In either case, asking them directly is the best way. They can also contact me directly to discuss this problem.
I told Aquacomputer that, give them all the conditions and screenshots, and they told me that they're having a look on this.

And, by the way, I've found a minor bug. Just happened twice for now.

I have one PC with 24-7 operation and the other one that is powered off every day.

Both are enabled as servers in the sensor page, so they monitor each other. As soon as the second PC is powered ON and HWInfo started, the first one starts monitoring again the remote values of the second one, there's no need to reconnect HWInfo in the 24/7 PC. In the second PC is the opposite, I need to reconnect to the first one if I want to have the remote data of the first one shown in the second's HWInfo sensors page. Both are static IPs in the local network.

That seems something normal.

But the bug is that some times (twice by now), in the first PC's HWInfo are shown the remote data from the second one like this:


As you can see, sensors names from second PC's Aquaero are shown in the [remote]Aquaero and [remote]Network, with only those sensors values shown in the second one. This time has happened with Aquaero's and also some GPU's sensors, but the previous one was also with some other motherboard sensors.

If I restart HWInfo and reconect to the remote HWInfo (the one in the second PC), all is back in order again.

I haven't designed the remote sensor monitoring feature so that a machine works in both roles - as a server and a client that connects to a server too, so this might explain it.
I'll have to check this, so currently I don't recommend using it in such mode. I never thought that users would run it in such mode :) That's also why when you enable the server role, the other items get disabled. The fact that it works for you is rather a coincidence ;)

Have you maybe disabled "Fixed order" or changed order of items in the sensors screen? That might also explain the way how they appear in the list - at first run it's possible that some values cannot be read properly, while later they are read out and since Fixed Order is disabled, it will add them to the bottom of the list.
Well, I was trying as much as I can this beta to find where it can reach, that's what I enabled both servers :)

No, I haven't disabled "Fixed order" neither changed any order at all.

Thank you so much for this amazing program.
I have done some additional testing and it seems the interface to 3rd party applications/plugins (including Aquasuite) will need to be updated to properly handle remote sensors. I'll have to discuss this with them first and see what option will be the best one. So for now, remote data will not be available to other tools until this is resolved.
In the next build to be released, I'll try to fix the issue with sensors order you reported and improve the mode where a machine acts in both roles.
You're welcome :)
Regarding availability of remote sensors to 3rd party applications, I have posted the required information how to do it to developers. They will need to check for the update and implement it.