Suggestion: Add more levels of alert


New Member
Hi guys and gals. I'm thinking it would be cool to have the option to set more than one level of alert.
For example, you could have maybe two or three levels of alert for the cpu temp, so that the tray icon is green when the temps are below say 40ºC, orange below 60ºC and red above 80ºC

I second this. I came here to ask for the same thing. I would like to have one level and set the action up to email me a notice, then a level for higher temps that notifies AND shuts down the system. As it stands, I can only take one action per sensor for one threshold per sensor. I thought about looking into running another instance under a different user as a temporary work-around and split the 'warning' and 'critical' alerts between them, but on trying, it looks like you can only run on instance at a time.