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I found my Corsair (no making ugly faces) AX1600i requires a 45 second delay at system start for HWiNFO. This allows the PSU to be fully registered and ready to be polled by HWiNFO's initial sensor sweep. If HWiNFO makes it's initial sensor sweep prior to the AX1600i reports as ready, the PSU is never discovered, and a restart of HWiNFO is required.

The simple fix is to place a start delay in the Task Scheduler for the HWiNFO entry, which the settings panel suggests. But many may not be familiar with the Task Scheduler and it's operation.

[attachment=3220] [attachment=3221]

I believe HWiNFO is able to pass a delay parameter to the Task Scheduler when it enrolls itself. It may be helpful if an entry box was made available when the Auto Start option is selected, allowing a delay to be entered on HWiNFO's settings panel, which could then be passed to the Task Scheduler when it adds itself.


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Thank you for the post InfoSeeker, I was having issues myself with my second NVMe driver not showing the temperature when the HWInfo started with Windows Boot.
After checking your post I just delayed to 30 seconds and now all disks are showing perfect. Using a Zen3 processor with Asus motherboard.