Summary Keeps scrolling up

Hi all,

Having some issues with the sensor summary page on one of my PC's it just keeps scrolling up on its own, is this a bug ? any ideas how I might fix it, tried removing and re installing deleting files on hard disk and clearing settings nothing works.
Any ideas?

thanks in advance
Not sure what exactly this means, can you describe more precisely how the scrolling up appears? Is it perhaps a flashing?
Try to completely "Reset Preferences" in the main settings of HWiNFO.
tried that still same, so when you start the app click sensors only it opens the screen and displays all sensors cpu, gpu and so can scroll down the list but when I do scroll down it immediately and automatically starts scrolling back to the top like Im rolling the mouse wheel myself it will stop if I right click somewhere if not I have to hold onto the scroll bar to stop it moving.
Hmm, this is a really strange behavior that wasn't observed yet so I'm wondering whether this isn't caused by some other application or feature in the system.
Yes it's very odd none of my other machines do this, it's a very basic install no third party apps or software etc pretty much a clean win10 install
Sounds to me like its a mouse issue. My Logitech wireless mouse scroll wheel has a switch that is activated by pushing down on the scroll wheel. I have turned this on accidently in the past and it causes things like what you are describing to happen. The cursor icon changes when its activated. Not saying this is what happened to you but I don't think the scrolling has anything to do with HWINFO. Something else is causing this behavior.