Sumsung 970 Pro Correct temperature


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I'm adding my 970 pro temperature icon to a tray and there are 2 readings..Temp1 and 2 I can only presume 1 or the other is for controller and flash, which should I use to monitor my temperature.

Thank you

btw. I just look into Hard Disk Sentinel and it points to the temp#1 I assume its the Nand temps
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Yes the first and lower temp is the NAND chips. The one that has critical temp about 80~85°C. The second must be the controller of the drive, or maybe the power controller. Dont mind that.
You can confirm that, with SamsungMagician (v6) software as only reports first(lower) temp.

What is the temp #1 reading you usually get?
Thank you very much for the confirmation.

My drive runs fairly cool now, in ambient of 22-24C idles at 32C and 50-53C on continuous read/write mode and that is with 3rd party heat sink, also that is temp#1 and temp #2 is about 5-6C higher, before that the drive would reach 70-75C easy.
Although, Its OK to let it run hot and you'd be fine, I'm sure high temps would cut the life of drive a bit.
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Keep Temp #1 around 50°C or lower at load and it will be just fine. The controller of the drive will reduce write/read speed if temp exceeds 80~85°C so ~50 is OK.
Here is my 970Pro 512GB after first 7 months as OS/boot drive filled to 62%.

The drive sits above GPU under CPU socket with a board heatsink and there is a fan close to it to cool VRMs and that drive. I never saw it more than 40something °C.
Keep in mind that NAND flash likes it warm (or even hot), but SSD controllers don't. So it's a good idea to cool the controller, but not (necessarily) the NAND flash chips.