Support Intel RPL-HX & NV RTX4060~4090 laptop?


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Just use 736 version tested on some Intel RPL-HX & NV RTX4060~4090 laptop
want to double confirm two itmes
- is the 736 version can support Intel RPL-HX & NV RTX4060~4090 already?
- when i run "sensors" in those laptop...some panel starting to it known issue or?
in "sensors" page, will HWINFO tool "write" something to system or panel?
seems the panel keep flicking even after reboot............
Still the same, panel start flicking after execute the "sensors" function
is the tool write/overwrite something inside of the panel or system ?
No, HWiNFO doesn't write anything. But some devices might be sensitive or wrongly interpret some commands.
With "panel" you mean entire monitor/LCD screen or only the sensors window?
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.
the laptop's entier LCD panel flicking after execute the "sensors" function and even reboot the laptop, the LCD panel keep flicking.....
will try to provide log soon

BTW, could you please share those commands that HWINFO send to panel for reference.....not sure why some laptops got this fail and some don't happen
I will need to see the DBG file to know more.
Currently I only suspect this might be caused by the "GPU I2C Support". Try to disable this option in HWiNFO if that will help.