Support more ATI sensors please!


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The title may be misleading. I'm not implying to implement reading different ATI sensors, but rather monitor more sensors at the same time. There -seems- to be a limit of, I'm guessing, 128 ATI sensors that hwinfo64 will read. I currently reach and surpass this limit on one of my machines where I have a mix of SIX Radeon 5830/5870/6770's installed at the same time doing cryptography related calculations. Only 4 cards worth of sensors are detected. The missing cards are a 5870 @ 880MHz and a 5830 @ 760MHz.

The motherboard is an EVGA 790i SLI Ultra, which has 3 PCI-E 16x slots, 2 PCI-E 1x slots, and 2 standard PCI slots. All slots are populated by graphics cards except for one PCI slot (the other PCI slot uses a PCI to PCI-E bridge adapter) and operate at 1x speed due to 1x -> 1x PCI-E extension cables.

Here is a debug file if you think it will help.
Martin said:
There is currently a limit of max 4 GPUs for sensor monitoring. I have extended it now to 16, hope that will be enough for some time ;)
So please try this build: and let me know if it's ok now.

Extra sensors are detected now :) Minor bug though. The memory frequency of the 2 extra cards that are newly detected are really low. Card #5 has memory frequency (actual frequency, not effective) set to 155MHz, but it is detected at 41.8MHz, and Card #6 has memory frequency set to 170MHz, but it is detected at 45.6MHz. All cards above it have correct memory frequencies. Posting DBG in a moment.
Yup its the same link as before. I just overwrote it with the new DBG thats all.