Support of FRAPS - FPS reporting


HWiNFO Author
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HWiNFO32/64 (starting with build 1851) supports monitoring of current Frames Per Second (FPS) in games. Since HWiNFO currently doesn't have its own capability to calculate current FPS, these data are pulled from FRAPS (

- Use HWiNFO32/64 v4.13 Build 1851 or higher
- Download and install FRAPS
- FRAPS must be running before starting/opening the HWiNFO Sensors window
Sorry to bother you, but this seems to be the only thread I can find about Fraps screen capture program. I have a question about it to ask you guys. Recently I recorded a gameplay video with Fraps and later I found the output size was too big, (the video length is just 10 minutes but the output is near 2G).So I downloaded this software as you can see ( to help me compress Fraps videos. But after the compression process, the original AVI file got converted into MP4 and I found there was some kind of quality loss and the frame rate also dropped a little. I want to know if you guys know any better parameter settings which can make the compressed video look better.