system crash


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First, sorry for my english, i am french ::) i gonna do my best !

So this is my spec:

AMD ryzen 1700
MSI B350M pro gaming
GTX 1060 6gb 
RAM 2x8GB hyper x fury DDR4 2133mhz
PSU antec true power 750W   
SSD samsung evo 750

So im on a fresh clean windows installed (Win 10 pro) with all on stock in bios, default values.

When i use google chrome and i look tv on my computer while hwinfo64 is open, i got a system crash,
i can open task manager but cant select a task cause all is very slow , ultra slow ...
i only can pres ctrl+alt+suppr then i click on shutdown from the start screen, sometimes the pc shutdown
sometimes it just don't, even if i use the front button.
i got somes audio stutter too sometimes before the crash

Im using Hwinfo64+msiafterburner+rivaturner for full monitoring while playing battlefield 1 on ultra 60 fps and i never have issues!!

only when i use hwinfo and chrome at the same time and when i look tv a specific player. i need check if i got same issue with youtube etc...

So do you have any idea?

maybe need to desactivate some sensors or something like that? i already google it :p 


EDIT: i just resolve my problem in reading similar thread on this forum , DESACTIVATE THE POLLING work for me, if that can help ...