System Fan 1 RPM not listed in HW info


Hi Martin,
first i want to say thank you for this great program!

i have connected my Fan to System Fan1 and it is not shown in HWInfo, i tried with HWinfo V6.28 4200 and V6.29 beta

Aida and Bios recognizes the Speed of System Fan correctly

is this a bug or how can i fix it?

left aida / right HwInfo


System windows 10 2004
Motherboard MSI B450 Tomahawk Max
CPU Ryzen 3700X

thanks for help.

oh okay.. i found system Fan1 on bottom of the list:

will you change this in next version, that it is as default on the correct position?

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there seems to be an error when sorting the fans / sensors... when i change system 1 to the corect position system fan 2 is on bottom,
will i order then system fan 2 to the right position, system 3 fan is on bottom.. and so on..
This is most probably because you're using a custom sensor order. In that case items are decoupled from sensors and if a new one appears, it will be put at the end of the list.
Try to do a "Restore Original Order" from Sensor Settings - Layout, that should fix it. Or go back to "Fixed order" if you don't need a custom order.