System Freezes while I'm in the summary page


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Hello, my entire system freezes in the summary view which is the first thing I see after loading HWinfo. However, if I close the summary real quick, my PC remains fine and I can even view the sensors without anything freezing, but if I click on summary and let it refresh values, it would freeze and speakers go brrrr.. Need to restart the machine to fix it. I'm attaching the DBG file in zip format. Please do get back to me on this. I hope it's not a hardware issue or if it is, I would want to RMA it. Also, my BIOS screen has artifacts, like lines and dots, but I do my settings there without any issues. Initially, I had an RTX 2060 but I think didn't have artifacts back then. I'm not sure as I never went to BIOS before. I only went to BIOS after getting the new Radeon 6700 XT and only then I saw this issue. I'm wondering if it's related to HWinfo freezing my PC.


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You're using a very old version of HWiNFO64. Upgrade to the latest version, I think that will fix the problem.
Yes, that fixed it. Thank You. But I'm curious what exactly caused the older version to freeze the PC. Did it expose some hardware component that is defective, which caused it panic or something? Also, do you have any opinion on why the artifacts/lines in the BIOS are appearing with the 6700 XT GPU?