System hang when lauching Hwinfo64

You don't seem to be running the latest version of HWiNFO - v4.04, so first please upgrade to this version.
The debug file you attached seems to be of the situation when it doesn't lock-up, but I need a debug file captured when it crashed.
So if the problem occurs with the latest version, please attach such debug file.
Thanks, I just updated to the latest version and it appears to be working fine. I'll post back if there is any issue which I sort of doubt.
I'm pretty sure I know what the issue is now. The same thing happens (or used to) with GPU-z. I have seen a few other people report the same thing with both gpu-z and hwinfo.

Here is what Wizzard found to be the reason.

After spending half the day crashing the card and resetting the system, it seems that the hang is caused when GPU-Z tries to read the BIOS of the slave card.

GPU-Z asks the driver "is this card in ULPS?" and if yes, then skips BIOS reading. But the AMD driver tells me "no no you can go ahead", and boom system crashed.

Now trying to figure out how to work around this. Not having high hopes. I might just disable BIOS reading completely for all slave cards.
Yes, I do it the same way as W1zzard.
If this is really the problem, then disabling ULPS (can be done using Sapphire TRiXX) should help.
This has been happening to me, too. I read your known issues regarding:
5. Missing disk, SMART and drive temperature information on Intel RST 11.5 drivers.
Description: Using Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) driver v11.5 or Enterprise RST driver will probably cause loss of disk information including SMART and temperature. This is a bug in the Intel RST driver v11.5 and Intel fixed this problem in version of the RST driver and Enterprise RST driver v3.2.
Workaround: Update the RST driver to v11.5.0.1153 (or eRST to v3.2) at least.

Upgrading to the latest RST ( & it no longer hangs at "scanning ide/scsi devices". It never crashed but took almost a minute even to display the System Summary.

This laptop was running version 10.x since new. There was never any disk info missing, but now HWInfo64 loads fast, as it does on all other machines.
Martin said:
Yes, I do it the same way as W1zzard.
If this is really the problem, then disabling ULPS (can be done using Sapphire TRiXX) should help.

It doesn't, the first thing that I do after installing a driver is disable ULPS.
Then I believe this must be a different problem (not ULPS related). Probably something related to reading the VBIOS as W1zzard states. I have checked that GPU-Z thread again and see he came with some solution, but I don't know what did he change. Maybe disabled entire VBIOS reading ? That wouldn't be a good solution, since there is certain information required from VBIOS for our tools...