TB250-BTC PRO motherboard

Hi All

HWINFO is reporting very low voltages on my machine: 

+3.3V = 2.024
+5V = 1.4
+12V = 8.228

I have a platinum rated 1200WATT PSU, so i can't image these volts are correct?  

Could this be reporting incorrect values? How do i deal with this to find out if that is true or not?

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
This looks like your mainboard is not supported by HWiNFO (yet).
Please post the HWiNFO Debug File and a screenshot of BIOS system health screen showing sensor values and I will fix this.
Thanks. I'll try to fix this in the next Beta build, which is scheduled for release tomorrow.
But I'm still not sure about some times there, so it would be even better if there would be some Biostar tool for Windows showing sensor values. Then creating a side-by-side screenshot with HWiNFO would allow me to tune this even more precisely.