TCP Connection left hanging


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On the scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being worst, this bug is a -1 or so.  I presume that when HWInfo opens a connection to check for updates, it never properly closes it.  Thus a "netstat -bo" (to use an easily repeatable method) always gives me:

Proto  Local Address             Foreign Address         State                    PID      [Image]
TCP    XXXXXXX:2265       CLOSE_WAIT      5000  [HWiNFO32.EXE]

Not a big deal to "most" users, but I have reason to be wary of connections to my boxes/networks so I look for them "frequently" - and HWInfo has left one hanging for the last 10 or 20 (or more...I don't remember, frankly - caused in part by using latest beta when available) versions I've used.

Other than this, love the program!

Currently on beta v5.07-2670.


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Thanks for your report, I'm trying to reproduce it.
When do you see the issue, is it while HWiNFO is running, or after terminating it as well ?


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Thanks for your report.
I have checked and the connection is properly closed after update check, however it still remains active. I don't know why yet...