Temperature unit isn't displayed correctly


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I don't know if it is an app issue or my computer.
The temperature unit in my Sensor window can't be displayed correctly. Hope the dev can reach it.

What is your Windows version and what language/locale are you using?
Thank you for the quick reply. I am too hurried not including the basic information.
I am using Windows 10 20H2, English as display language and Vietnam as region, HWinfo 6.40.
I have created new local user with region US. The problem still presents.


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Thanks for the details. What is the language you use to display in Non-Unicode applications?
I choose English.
However, there's a setting that "Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support" in the system locale dialog. I realize when checking the box, the unit problem comes. I check the box to use Windows terminal when printing non English character. After unchecking the box, the unit is displayed correctly.


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