Temps of Samsung 950 Pro behind Intel RST


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I'm running a pair of M.2 Samsung 950 Pro's but they're in RAID0 under Intel Rapid Storage Technology configured through the UEFI BIOS.  Is it possible to read the temperatures off them?  I've tried HWInfo and I've tried Intel SSD Toolbox.  RST is the only utility that shows the individual 'disks' and will show the model and serial number but none of these utilities shows temperature or SMART details.  Is it possible to add this functionality to HWInfo?  Is it even possible to pull the info out past RST?

Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming 7 EU.

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Thanks Martin. Much appreciated. I don't see any way of attaching something to this reply so I'll just link to it. I've turned on debug mode, created a report, closed the program and then opened it again to let the debug log fill. Hope that's correct.

Debug and report here: http://home.bullet-systems.com/webscratch/Cenedd-Debug.zip
Let me know when you've grabbed the file and I'll stop hosting it.

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I'm sorry, but I don't know how to retrieve that information in this configuration. The RST doesn't respond to any known queries in this case.
Perhaps the Samsung SM951 driver might do it, but I'm not sure whether it supports RAID.
Thanks Martin. Did try the Samsung driver and it just told me there was no matching hardware. If you happen to come across some magic way of getting at the data through the RST 'wall' please bear it in mind. I don't mind testing it for you if that helps - providing that all it does is read-only!

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Will do ;) But given that not even the RST is able to report temperature, I'm wondering whether it's possible at all.
Your configuration is not a 'standard' one - since the drives are not connected via a real RAID controller, I think it's only some kind of software RAID mode. And it doesn't expose the NVMe interface that might be accessible by HWiNFO.