Thanks For The New Features and Options


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Every time I install the latest version of HWiNFO, I find new data items and options that are really useful! I get different options depending on the PC platform of course, I doubt I can remember all of the new ones I like, such as:

CPU Thermal Throttling, and now per-core, does that actually happen, per core?
GT Cores Power (Intel CPU Graphics core.)
GT Core Temperature.
GPU Clock (Intel CPU Graphics core.)
PCIe Link Speed.
GPU information I never knew existed.
Some I don't get, like ICC DIV4: Display Bending (really, I know you don't make this stuff up, but...)

Not to mention the endless information in the main display (does your SSD have Deterministic or Indeterminate read after TRIM? I have used that information once or twice, and know where to find it elsewhere, but not as fast as in HWiNFO.)

And my new favorite option, Decimal Digits. Many temperatures don't have fractional values, and that may be only in the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion, so why bother with the fractions, as well as with percentages. But I do display my core clocks to five decimal places (give us one more and the core clock could be displayed as a whole number... I know, what's the point.)


Thermal Throttling, either No or Yes, if it occurred and then stopped, would Yes be displayed in the Max column?

The display gets a bit busy with all the core information, I liked CPU Throttling as one field, even if it occurred in only one core. I now only have Core 0 displayed, which I feel is most likely to be throttled, your opinion? I've never seen it happen anyway.

There are two ICC... BCLK/DMI/PEG fields, which I assume is valid for different CPU/platforms, is there any detail that you can give on these fields? Such as, one is for AMD or Intel?


I have seen PCIe Link Speed at 8 Gbps, with a PCIe 3.0 video card and board. I also see the power saving kick in, down to 2.5Gbps, I hope you don't hear about that all the time as an error or "my card is bad...".

I have two identical ASRock Z77 boards, Nuvoton NCT6776F sensor chip. With a Sandy Bridge CPU (i7-2600K) in one, I get the GT Cores Power reading, with an Ivy Bridge CPU (i5-3570K) I don't get the GT Cores Power reading. Not very important to me, don't use that for graphics, just a curiosity.

Lowest Z77 PCH temperature is 43C, as that's where that chip starts (at ~40C) but I get consistent 43C on two boards.

HWiNFO is the best PC Hardware Monitor there is, IMO (more accurate than CPU-Z in some things, but never less) and does not need to take up the entire screen to use (but it's getting there...) No one has more packed into one package, I love it. I need to contribute...
Thanks for your acknowledgement :)

Thermal Throttling - yes, if thermal throttling would occur in the past (not current), then you would see it in the Max column.
Per Core CPU Throttling - Yes, this can occur per core so that's the reason why I extended it.
ICC - these values come from Integrated Clock Control engine in Intel chipsets. Values reported diffent in type of clock: -S = Spread, -NS = No-spread

I have checked few dumps of systems with i5-3570K and it seems that neither of them reports the GT power value. It looks like either the GT was not utilized (no power), or the measuring is not working (maybe a BIOS issue?). Other Ivy Bridge dumps I have (i7-3770K and mobile ones) seem to report this...
You are welcome, it is well deserved! :)

I recall now that I see the Uncore Clock on an X58/i7-930 system, which I believe is fairly new to HWiNFO.

Just FYI, I'm not using the integrated graphics (GT) on either PC. I have the GT voltage turned down via a GT voltage offset setting in the BIOS on both PCs, using identical boards and BIOS versions.

The i7-2600K PC shows the GT Cores Power as ~0.25W, but GT Cores Power is not listed in HWiNFO on the i5-3570K PC. A coincidence the GT Cores Power is shown with both i7 CPUs, as you said about the i7-3770K?

BTW, there's a benefit in turning down the GT Cores voltage in the BIOS, particularly on Ivy Bridge CPUs, that tend to run a little hotter than Sandy Bridge. The CPU runs a little cooler that way. Some boards will BSOD if you turn down that offset voltage to much.

Which reminds me, no GT Core voltage reading in HWiNFO? Just joking, sorry, more work... ;)