Thermal Event for Dell OptiPlex 7000 machines


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We have purchased a number of Dell OptiPlex 7000 machines and three of them have had "thermal events" after sitting all night either locked by the user or put to sleep.

This is seen in the AM when the machine is unresponsive and Dell SupportAssist notifies it has detected a high system temperature. After which a recovery screen appears notifying that Windows didn't load correctly.

Before I contact DELL I want to use HWInfo to log overnight to see if I can tell when and what is having the temperature issues. (This is in a room monitored 24x7 so the danger of fire isn't as bad as it might at first seem)

Is there a way to commandline launch to start logging in the background or do I need to enter the program and start the log by hand each time? I'd like to run it in the background continuously for a couple of days to see if I can catch something, but I don't want the users to be involved.

Command-line parameters are supported in the Pro version of HWiNFO64: