Thermal Throttling alert: ¿syntax in setting up the alert parameters?


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Hello, I have a question regarding the syntax for the Alert for Thermal Throttling. I searched through the forum for any info related to this topic but didn't find anything on this specific issue...
   For setting up an alert for Thermal throttling, I'm unsure about the "units" for triggering this alert... In the "Sensor Setting" for a "CPU Core" thermal alert, according to the "Custom" tab, the "unit value" for thermal alert is "yes/no", not an integer. It then gives you the option of "Change color(critical) if value > 0.", which in this case IS an integer("0") rather than using the words "yes" or "no".  
   O.k., I'm wondering if the "values" of yes/no previously mentioned may actually be 0=No and 1=Yes...? This is fine if that is the case...however the part I don't understand is in the "Alerts" tab for thermal throttling. Here it does NOT give you the option of "value > 0", but rather "value >OR= 0"(greater than OR equal to), which completely changes the whole way this trigger will function. Now, if you check this box in "Alerts" for "If value >OR= ", you cannot enter a "0" because it will give an alert when there is NO thermal throttling. 
   My question is: Is the syntax here indeed 0="No" and 1="Yes"? In this case "If value >OR= 1" would work correctly. 
Normally I would just test this kind of thing to see if it works, but with thermal throttling I would rather not have to stress my system to that point just to see if the syntax is correct for this alert. 
Thanks for any advice. :)