Throttling %age counter?


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Hi, I have written a small Rainmeter skin that uses HWiNFO. I have a 4 core i5 4670k. I would like to reference when the cores are "meaningfully" throttled. However, my CPU has "scalable" throttling- this is visible in the AIDA64 system stability test where throttling is given as a %age. The HWiNFO64 measure for throttling is Yes/No- it will display yes with any non-zero throttling number, even if this is <1%, so it shows up as soon as the core gets hot, even though the throttle isn't really doing anything. Is there any way in HWiNFO to display the %age of throttle applied to the CPU?
I'm not sure what sense it would make if a throttling percentage would be shown - would it matter to anyone to know if the CPU throttled for 5% or 75% during the last 2 seconds ?
I believe that in a properly designed system with adequate cooling, thermal throttling should not occur at all and that's why HWiNFO shows a binary value only.
Moreover, I believe that to precisely calculate a true percentage of this parameter is not possible as one would have to constantly poll the throttling state, which would cause unnecessary higher system load. The CPU just says whether it's is throttling when you ask it, not how much, so one would have to ask it very frequently to know how much it was ;)