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Hi, Martin!

Sorry, didn't know where to ask for it, so posted it here.
Is it possible to add AVG_CORE_COUNT for the Ryzen CPU's as the additional "sensor" somewhere in the "Status" window?
The reasons is the possibility to monitor it's value in gaming workloads via some overlay tool, such as RTSS.

I made this public as any user's feedback on this feature usefulness is interests me too.

Best regards!
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Should be possible with a custom sensor:



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Thanks for the reply.
But even better if you give a hint, how one can access the requested pmt data, without being a developer.


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With AVG_CORE_COUNT you mean the average active (non-sleeping/C6) core count?


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I dont know how it was exactly described in privy docs, but its abbreviation in pmt is what I wrote.
But perhaps you're right, and it may basically be the sum of physical core's C0 (don't think C6-cores are taken into account) residencies, since it's a float number in the range from 0 to "Fused Core Count" value, i.e. for the 5600x : 0 - 6.
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