Tooltip constantly refreshing

Timur Born

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I like the tooltip function, but I often turn it off, because it keeps refreshing with every single pixel movement of the mouse. This causes unnecessary CPU load which then gets measured by HWiNFO. Please consider implementing a delay time for the tooltip.
Ahoi. Will this be looked into? Currently we have to disable tooltips to keep them from messing with CPU readings.
I was looking into this, but any change like adding a delay can result in loss of track so the tooltip might then miss some items completely.
This was meant for users not familiar with meaning of sensor values and expected to be disabled once they figure out what they are looking at.
It is there. If you move the mouse inside the window/list, it should not immediately display the tooltip.
It shows the tooltip only after the mouse is hovered for a short while.
This only applies to the first tooltip popping up or when you move the mouse to another column. Within each column tooltips are still redrawn instantly when the mouse is moved to different counters and sometimes changing columns also keeps instantly redrawing if the mouse was moved quickly.
Thanks, too bad, though. Constant instant tooltip redrawing increases CPU load in a way that affects the measurements. So it has to stay off then.
It's only to provide some more details about sensors and most users (once they learn the meanings) will turn it off.