Tray Icon Weirdness


New Member
In the past, I used to be able to double-click the tray icon and be greeted with the sensor status window.

However, something changed...and in the past few builds when I double-click the tray icon, I am getting both the sensor summary AND the Main window at the same time.

I have no idea how to fix this or if this is intended behavior. Is this intended behavior in later builds, or is it something I can fix? I've poured over the options over and over and I don't think I'm missing anything...
I was launching in sensors only mode...but...

I fixed it by overwriting everything in my (portable) HWiNFO folder with a fresh copy, which leads me to my next question (and perhaps my issue was self-inflicted):

When upgrading portable versions, is it OK to simply update the EXE's or should one also overwrite the INI?

I've been simply overwriting the exe's when doing upgrades, and I'm wondering if something changed in the INI files that resulted in my dumb behavior.
It's perfectly OK to overwrite the EXE only, that will retain your settings.
Overwriting the INI file will set put settings to default, so that might have deactivated the Sensors-only mode.