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Am running latest released version of HWInfo64 (v4.22)
Right clicking on tray icon does not show all of these:

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Only shows: Configure, Quit

After checking & unchecking settings in "Configure" (General/UI), quiting & then returning them to the original, all 5 now show all the time on a right-click.

Maybe registry was not updated when new version was installed? The first time I saw these 5 options on a right-click was today on the HWInfo32 computer.

Checked items on General/UI are:

Minimize Main Window on Startup
Minimize Sensors on Startup
Remember Preferences
Shared Memory Support
Appearance of those item in the tray menu depends on mode in which you run HWiNFO. So if you have Sensors-only or Summary-only mode enabled, some of those items are not relevant and thus not displayed in the menu.