Trouble with chart auto fit - leads to hwinfo64 freezing, needing to be killed via Task Manager


When using the Sensor Status view, I have 10 or so charts on screen for core temps, CPU usage, core ratios etc.

If I enable Auto Fit on some of the charts (not sure if it just requires one chart to be auto fit, or many), the app eventually freezes, usually after some sustained high load on core 0, requiring me to kill it in Task Manager.

I have not seen this issue when I disable Auto Fit on all of the charts.

I thought it might be related to having a chart of core temp average, and a systray icon for the same value, but removing the systray icons results in the same behaviour. Disable Auto Fit is the only way to keep hwinfo stable

I'm going to try enabling Auto Fit on just one of my 10 charts and seeing if that causes the errant behaviour.

Will a debug file help you diagnose this?

Thanks, you make a incredibly useful tool!
Managed to recreate by setting 5 of the 10 charts to auto fit and then putting the system under medium to high load, seems fine with just one chart on auto fit. Debug file was empty when it eventually froze/became unresponsive
Debug File probably won't help in this case. I'm wondering whether the freeze is permanent or if you reduce the load and wait a while it does recover.
Will give that a try, I have definitely seen it struggle and then recover, whether it can recover fully with many charts on auto fit I don't, promise to try soon

Can I attach a debugger and dump some state?
Try the latest Beta build if that will perhaps behave better; I added some improvements there.