Trougle shooting computer


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I was advised to download HWinfo32 to try and find my computer problem, my problem is I don't know what the values should be in the first place. Is there somewhere that I can learn how to use this seemingly useful tool?
This is my first post in this forum so please forgive me if I seem lost. I have a computer that some say has two problems, I have done all the updating I can think of, drivers, even a new hard drive, lcd monitor, verified the voltage of my power supply, and quite a few things I can't even think of at this time.

Problem 1, The screen goes black in regular mode but never in safe mode
video seems slow, takes two stages to produce the Graphics control window.

Problem 2, The internet webpages load much slower in regular mode, 20 to 45 seconds where as in safe mode they take about 2 to 3 seconds.

My wife's computer is on the same network as me, she is wireless and I use LAN and she can load webpages in regular mode at the same rate as I can in safe mode.