Trying to install 608


I keep getting error around cant load driver check permissions or virus filter issue. I turn off defender still got it.  I was running 606 just  fine. any thoughts.  I tried searching the boards for this issue didn't find it.


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originally yes, I then used revo to remove it completely and tried installing 608 fresh.. I get the driver error when I try to run 608 not during the installation.
Try to reboot the machine, maybe the revo caused something to remain stuck there.
If that won't help, enable Debug Mode and attach the resulting HWiNFO64.DBG file it produced.
got the same thing but here is the debug file.  I turned it on and tried to run sensors only and got the error.


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Looks like something is still blocking the HWiNFO driver, could be some remain from the old version or some other tool.
Do you maybe have some other monitoring tools running, i.e. ThermalTake ?

Make sure HWiNFO is not running and try to delete this file (it will require an UAC prompt): C:\Windows\system32\drivers\HWiNFO64A.SYS
Then try again to reboot the machine.
Good call Martin :) It seems that the Thermaltake RGB Plus software was hanging onto it. I didn't even know it used hwinfo in any way. Once I uninstalled the product completely with Revo I noticed this .sys file you referenced above was still there. I went to manually delete it and it said I needed to retry due to being controlled by another app. I then killed the TT software and was able to delete it.

I rebooted, disabled the TT software, reinstalled 608, configured it to startup and it ran like usual. I then started TT up again to see if it errored out and it didn't. I restarted the system again and everything comes up normal.

I appreciate the help. Sorry I didn't realize that TT was using it. I didn't have this issue for the last 4 updates till this update.
Good catch :)
Such issue can happen only sometimes. The TT software is relying on HWiNFO and I believe it will soon be updated, so that this update won't cause issues.