Trying to troubleshoot GFX card


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Hey all

I was playing a game when my PC suddenly hard rebooted itself out of nowhere. The PC turned itself back on but my monitor stayed completely black. Peripherals turned back on too. I tried rebooting it a few times after that but same thing, the PC turns on but the screen is still black. No beeping from the motherboard too, I suspected that my GFX card might be the problem. I unplugged the monitor from the GFX card and plugged it directly into the HDMI port of the motherboard. I booted the PC and the desktop loaded fine on the onbard mobo graphics.

The strange thing is that my GFX card still powers up (LED lights showing).

 Is HWINFO64 supposed to detect the GFX card when the monitor is plugged to the motherboard graphics directly? (The GFX card is still plugged to the motherboard, just not connected with HDMI/being used) I'm asking because HWINFO is not showing anything regarding my GFX card.