Two different CPU sensors?


Hello, I'm wondering why there are two different CPU sensors and which means what.
Motherboard: Gigabyte P55A-UD3

The CPU Digital Thermal Sensor measures temperature of each CPU core directly - it has an on-chip embedded diode per core.
Other CPU temperatures reported usually via discrete sensor chips (like ITE or Winbond, etc.) measure CPU temperature from a diode that's not directly attached to CPU, but underneath or close to it.
By the way, I use MSI Afterburner with HWINFO64 to display my CPU/GPU temps.

I was wondering if it was possible to display the Average of core1+core2+core3+core4 or Highest core temp instead of displaying a random core, like I'm doing right now.
And if not, possible for this to get added in the future? :)
Highest temperatures are reported in the Max column.
I don't see any use of an average temperature reporting.
I'm talking about Current max/average temp running through OSD.

Like this

GPU is reported from Afterburner and CPU is reported from current CPU core 0, but what I would like is current highest CPU core to be displayed. RealTemp 3.70 has that feature but it doesn't have the ability to display things in game like AB/HWINFO64.
Any chance to have this on the next beta? :p
Either a row for current max CPU core or current average of core0+cpu1+cpu2+cpu3 / 4