Unable to control GPU fan in AW 17


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Im not able to control the second fan in my AW 17. HWinfo only shows the option to control "fan 1 and 2" together; the CPU fan can be controlled by this, but the GPU fan doesnt even spin at all. I have a GTX880M btw.

Yes, given the GK104 (TDP 122W) cooling intenresny question, and based on some GPU GK104 NVIDIA QUADRO K5000 / K5200 have only one cooler, also GTX 550Ti (chip GF116, TDP 114 W) somehow and 80 mm fan on the 3000 rpm enough, so I think the second fan this crystal is not required, and the use of cooler c optimize impeller at ~ 3500 rpm with FDB to be not much noise, and the flow and pressure difference will create a larger than usual fans.