Unable to run Hwinfo64, 32 bit runs fine, can I trust the readings?


Hi Martin you replied in the other thread so you can close this one thanks! Not sure how to remove a thread.

Hi there,

I have a:
Ryzen 5-3600
Asus TUF b450 Plus Gaming Mobo

I just got the beta version and have noticed that i now get a bunch of red x icons where my cpu clocks should be. Most of the readings are no longer working. I closed 64 bit and opened 32 bit and it runs fine. I went to uninstall and reinstall 6.26 64 bit and it noted I still had the folder in system/32. I manually deleted the folder before the reinstall but now the 64 bit 6.26 application also gives the red x's but 32 bit runs fine.

If I have to use 32 bit for now thats fine, I just want to make sure the power deviation should be accurate for my 64 bit windows 10 install vs using 64 bit. Is there a reason that 32 bit runs without issue but 64bit is causing me issues?