Unable to turn off autostart/uninstalling driver [SOLVED]


So i was reading through some thread about users being unable to disable autostart, even with tuning off the option itself...
Well, i have the same issue here... i think?

Problem is that even tho i remove the driver itself and the schedule itself, it still keeps on restarting (and reinstalling said driver) itself after a few sec.
I even tried to quarantine it using my task manager program and edit the drivers and services itself to stop running. Still starts up automatically.
It seems to be related to having Afterburner running, but i don't see any options to disable hwinfo or stop it from running with it...


my only other option is to uninstall hwinfo completely...
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Pretty sure i dont and looking at the system info, it's not listed there at least.

Then check in Windows Task Scheduler whether there isn't a task launching and keeping HWiNFO open.
That video shows only the process list, not tasks configured via Windows Task Scheduler.
In the first post you say that it seems to be related to Afterburner, but later you say you don't have Afterburner installed.
So what's right then?
I thought you where asking about HWiNFO tho? Afterburner is listed, not HWiNFO. And no, it doesnt mention HWiNFO anywhere in the task itself.
OK, again. If you have Afterburner installed and configured it to show data from HWiNFO, it will keep HWiNFO open and restarting it if you close HWiNFO.
You need to deactivate the HWiNFO plugin in Afterburner.
So i need to disable every single OSD i had enabled to not make it autostart itself? And only by disabling those OSDs will it remove the task and the plugin from autoinstalling itself?
Because i dont remember installing any plugin of any sorts for either HWiNFO or Afterburner...
Ok, NOW i found it. Feels a bit convoluted that it didnt even say anything, anywhere, what was starting it up. Not even under Event Viewer.
All i got was this (which i am assuming is the plugin failing):