Uninstall Script?


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I think I have a messed up install of HWinInfo64, is there a command line script that I can use to completely remove it? I ask as I did the normal uninstall but am still seeing signs that it is still there and trying to run. I want to get back to clean state and try the install again.

What exactly you mean as a sign to trying to run? Does it automatically start, start with Windows?
Do you maybe use MSI Afterburner? That might be trying to re-spawn HWiNFO.
Im not using Afterburner but it does run after a reboot. I am able to see it in the task manager, however when I goto the installed applications, it does not show up. This is on windows 11 64bit.
Open Windows Task Scheduler and remove the HWiNFO task.
Terminate HWiNFO if it's running.
Then go into the folder where it's installed, run "HWiNFO64 -u" and delete all files there.