Unusual HWiNFO64 CPU Usage?


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Hi Martin,

I don't know if this will make sense to you or not? I almost hate to bring it up, so after mulling it for a couple of days, I have decided to.

Sometime after I installed the latest Beta, I noticed that HWiNFO64 was using very regular spurts of CPU, usually up to about 12.5%. I use System Explorer as the companion to yours. This was quite unusual because I rarely see more than 0.5% CPU usage. I hadn't cleaned my system for about 10 days, so I thought that was a good place to start. After a shutdown, the next morning CPU usage and idle was back to normal and as right now, HWiNFO64 is using about 0.2% CPU usage on occasion.

Be advised, I did go back to the current release and the results were the same.

I doubt it was any juke files doing this. Martin, do you have any idea what might have been in the registry that would cause that? I will put up the back up copies of my registry files for that time from Auslogics, Registry Commander, and CCleaner in your folder on my GDrive, if you like?

Hi Crysta,
this might be caused by reading from certain sensors and depends on the system configuration and drivers. Usually certain storage drivers might cause a higher load when they are queried from SMART/temperature information. Try to disable monitoring of the SMART sensor to see if that is causing it. If not, try to disable other sensors until you catch the one causing it. Please let me know the result...
Hi Martin,

I guess I wasn't very clear, I will try again.

The system clean and shutdown/restart cleared it up, I haven't seen it again in a couple of days. I believe the Registry Cleaning in particular. I don't have any problem anymore!!! Smart is running all the time even now and HWiNFO64 is occasionally using 0.2%. Thats why I asked you about known problematic registry keys?

Another thing, that was the first time that I can remember ever seeing that concern. :D