various results


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I have tested HWinfo version 4.42-2280 on four different computers. In course of tests I received various not corrected results. I don't know exact test methods but I derive from results, they are getting from OS.
Here are some examples:

1/ one computer has SCSI Adaptec 2940UW on mainboard. HWinfo has found SCSI only if software driver has been installed in Windows XP. As the driver was removed, better to say not installed, SCSI was not found by HWinfo.

2/ another computer has two CAN 2.0 ports with installed drivers in Windows 7. The ports were not found by HWinfo.

3/ inserted add-on PCI board with add 5x USB port was not found in two new computers with Win 7 and Win XP Pro SP3. The card with 5 USB ports was found only in 12 years old computer with vintage PCI/ISA mainboar.

4/ in a computer from Advantech with only four PCI has been found two more PCI and two more PCIe. The HWinfo reports 6 PCI and two PCIe. In fact, they doesn't exist.
That's right - some interfaces like SATA, SCSI or USB require drivers to be installed in order to detect devices attached to them. Otherwise HWiNFO would need to communicate with such devices on low-level and that might cause collisions and malfunction. Other reason for not using low-level access is, that some of these components might use proprietary technologies to communicate with such devices and these are not documented.