VCCSA or VCCIO reporting...?


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just to check that I'm not missing the info, can't find it, but with a Gigabyte Aorus Elite Z690 motherboard I do not see information in regards to the VCCSA voltages in particular....


is it just not possible on this motherboard to monitor and report such voltages...?

Within the CPU section, reported from the CPU I assume, I do see the SA VID.

Build 7.15 build 4640 beta of HWiNFO64.

This mainboard does not monitor VCCSA/VCCIO. Only some higher end GIGABTYE models from the 6xx series equipped with a secondary IT87952E chip can monitor VCCSA.
Ah thanks for that. A little surprising as the basic MSI 690 Pro (non WiFi) does have that sensor, cheaper board. But it is a brand thing.