Vcore for MSI Z97 PC Mate


I am new to this, so please bear with me. I recently acquired the Micro Center bundle including the MSI Z97 PC Mate and the Pentium G3258. I read a bit on overclocking and started experimenting. I wanted to confirm my Vcore, but I don't see that sensor listed. the VIN10 reading looks pretty close to me, but there's nothing called Vcore

on a side note, my Vccin sensor reads exactly half what I expect.

sensors I see: Vccin Vccp2 AVCC 3VCC VIN4-6 3VSB VBAT VTT VIN10/12/13/14
(there's also Core#0 VID and Core#1 VID but I understand that's not actual Vcore?)

here's a screenshot with hwinfo
HWiNFO needs to be adjusted for your mainboard to show correct voltages.
Please download the new HWiNFO32/64 v4.43-2285 Beta and let me know if it shows proper values now.
There are usually no issues with Beta builds and they are as stable as the stable ones ;) Most of the time it's just a sort of pre-release.