Vdroop on MPG Z490 gaming carbon motherboard?


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Hi, first build and first time overclocker. I saw a couple of place that says to look for the Vdroop as its the voltage to look for when on load. I was searching on the sensor page on HwInfo64 and i saw a voltage (other than the vcore) whos been fluctuating while on load but its called VIN3 (no sufficient information on that sensor). So i was wondering if that VIN3 number was in fact the Vdroop? I have the latest update of Hwinfo64, which i read should have the Vdroop.

Here's my build:
CPU: i7-10700k,
MB: MPG Z490 gaming carbon wifi,
Cooler: Corsair H150i rgb pro 360mm in push/pull
RAM: 2x8gb vengeance rgb pro 3200 cl16
GPU: GTX 660 (sad...)

Here's my OC setting:
51x on all core, 48x Uncore(cache), 1.32v Vcore, LLC4, every energy saver off (that i know of) but still going down @ 150-200 MH when idle.
VCCIO/VCCSA @ 1.35v/1.3v, DRAM: 1.35v, XMP profile on.

If i leave LLC on auto, the VIN3 can go up to 1.385.

Here's the screenshot from idle
and on load

EDIT: i wanted to upload the DBG but "the upload file is too large for the server to process" am i doing it right?
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