Vega 64 Temperatures Stopped Working


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Hi Martin,

Several of my Vega 64 temperature sensors have stopped working, do you know why?

I have tried:

A different vega gpu
a different version of hwinfo64
a clean driver install
deleting my hwinfo config file
enabling amd adl

Everything worked last night afaik.
Which Vega64 model is that, the Liquid Cooled one ?
Have you perhaps changed the graphics drivers when this happened ?
A HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data would be helpful to check this in detail.
I did change drivers yesterday, but it was working okay after changing. It was only this morning that it vanished and then i tried a clean DDU install.


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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Sorry, but the attached DBG file seems to be broken (truncated). Can you please try again?
Also, is GPU-Z reporting those temperatures ?
HWINFO was not appearing in my task bar and i noticed that my GPU kept crashing and locking up the whole system after starting HWINFO. Not sure what happened, but i just decided to clean install Windows and start a fresh.