Verson 4.38 causes persistent hard disk "noise"


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After I routinely upgraded to version 4.38 this morning from the prior beta, I kept hearing the normal sensor-initiation chirps long after I had started the program--about three-to-five per minute. This click-chirp sound is very similar--if not identical--to what I had experienced with
SpeedFan several years ago.

Reverting to 4.36 2150 (just a recent earlier version) completely eliminated the persistent sounds coming from my Dell M6600 workstation (laptop), which has both an SSD and standard hard drive. (Hardware has not changed in years.)

I commend you for the considerable improvements with HWinfo fan control. My four temperature readings for the CPU are typically in the mid-to-high 40 degree C range, sometimes dropping into the high 30-degree C range after inactivity.

FYI: Intel i7-2820QM CPU @ 2.30 GHz; 16 GB RAM; 04YY4M motherboard; AMD Radeon HD6900M video adapter; LITEONIT LAT-128M2S; ST9320423AS hard drive

This is more of a nitpick than a true bug. Thanks for your attention, Martin.

That could be caused by polling of disk sensors (either the SMART or Disk Usage ones). You might try to disable monitoring of those sensors to see if that fixes it.

You are right: Switching read and write monitoring to NO for the Hard Drive eliminated the persistent chirping-clicking in version 4.38.

Thanks again for for your superb support of a stellar utility!